A Designer’s
New Best Friend

Bezier lets you create an Unlimited number of icon packs, generate variations of any design in your own style and colorize icons.

What is Bezier?

Bezier.ai is an AI-powered design assistant that allows creatives to iterate faster, without the struggle of endless design variations. Bezier can create icon packs, colorize icons, and generate variations of any design in your own style. It combines the power of AI and computer vision to find novel, never-seen-before combinations of your design elements that fit together well visually and consistency wise.

New ideas for your design

Your creativity is no longer limited by the number of design resources available or time constraints. Bezier does the heavy lifting for you, creating new variations of your designs with a click of a button.

Icons done in seconds

Forget the endless hours of tweaking and iterations, instead design your next icon pack in minutes. Bezier updates your existing icon packs to include 1000’s of new combinations without any work on your part.

Find the right colors

Need inspiration for colorizing a specific icon pack? Bezier will give you a unique set of variations that fit together well, and you decide which one is best.

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